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We are a Michigan Spa and Medical Center That Cares About Our Patients

Beauty and Wellness Spa is a medical spa located in Dearborn, MI was born to create a holistic approach and modernize non-invasive medical treatments. Our mission is to create a treatment plan individualized to each client based on their personal problems, desires, and needs while concentrating on the mind, body, and soul. We believe that each individual that walks through our door has the right to be treated so that they feel good about themselves. Our vision is to provide “a unique approach” to everyone that is looking for a holistic beauty and wellness treatment.

Beauty and Wellness Spa office in Dearborn, MI

Why Choose Us?

The business is owned and operated by Zeina Alawieh who has a compassionate and nurturing side that comes with a high level of education and experience. Our goal is to continuously provide the best experience for the client and constantly invest in education to stay active in the industry. The success of the business has been built based on the trust that has been invested in us by the client.

Zeina has performed thousands of treatments, including Botox, dermal fillers, PDO threads, PRP, facials, peels, and weight loss treatments, while always targeting the holistic approach of the treatment process. 

Learn More About Zeina’s Qualifications and Educational Background

Zeina Alawieh, B.S.R.T.(T), MBA is a healthcare professional that has been through extensive training and schooling since 2003. She has a bachelor’s in science from the University of Windsor and graduated in 2005 with a Bachelor’s in Radiation Therapy from Wayne State School of Medicine. Following her schooling, she worked at a local hospital for almost 10 years as a dosimetrist providing treatment planning for patients with cancer needing Radiation Therapy. She later received her MBA in 2018 from Western Governors University.

Most relevant to our patients, she has extensive training and certifications in Botox, fillers, PRP (platelet rich plasma), weight loss and nutrition, medical aesthetic facials and peels, PDO threads, and rejuvenating laser treatments. She is constantly seeking out new education to better familiarize herself with the latest industry trends and information. 

She has been invited to speak at conferences about healthcare laws and currently part of the Government Affairs committee at Premier and given lectures to the community for IV therapy and nutrition. 

Medical spa by Beauty Wellness & Medical Spa in Dearborn, MI

Not Sure What Services You Need?

If you are interested in enhancing your health, beauty, or wellness but don’t know what service you need to do so, we are happy to help! In our initial consultation, we go over your appearance desires together and will come up with a treatment plan that gives you the results you want. Schedule your free consultation today to get one step closer to the confident new you!

Beauty Wellness & Medical Spa services in Dearborn, MI

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