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IV Therapy

Revitalize with IV Therapy for Optimal Health in Dearborn, MI

IV therapies are gradually being recognized as a more effective way to get your body the nutrients it needs as quickly as possible. Because the cocktail goes directly into your bloodstream, it can take effect faster than, say, a pill might. By replacing fluids and nutrients your body needs, IV therapy helps to keep you healthy and feeling at your best. Each of our therapies are customized to target specific issues you may be experiencing. Contact us today to have all of your questions answered and to schedule your IV therapy appointment. 

Anti-Aging & Vitality

Incredible amino acid and mineral blend focusing on anti-aging replenishment. The powerfully potent Super B-12 dose blends everything nicely with a strong adrenal restoration. You can feel your body respond with an overwhelming feeling of energy and calmness.

Maximus Athlete

Will replenish all the essentials your body needs to help your muscles recover faster and shape up for the next run or workout. If you're looking for the cutting-edge secret to add to your regimen or just looking to repair your tendon or shoulder muscle faster, make Maximus your weekly trainer.

Myers Cocktail

This cocktail is designed for an essential nutritional balance of vitamins in the body including:

  • Vitamin B-complex
  • B5
  • B6
  • Vitamin C
  • Magnesium
  • Selenium
  • Calcium

It strongly focuses on hydration and essential supplement balance through IV therapy.

Hangover Hydration

With this Hangover Hydration IV therapy, the antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients re-balance your body from what is lost during a night out and get you replenished and back on your feet in no time.

Cold & Flu Kicker

Designed to hydrate your body and provide the immunity boost that establishes a great foundation to ward off the Cold & Flu making the impact of the ailments less intense and the recovery to be faster.

Migraine Relief

With a migraine, your brain is usually begging for more magnesium and other intricate nutrients to re-balance nutrients and fluids. This formulation assists in fading away from the migraine so that you can have a fresh start and avoid the gradual domino effect migraines create on the body over time.

Breathe Better

Take a breath of fresh air with the Breathe Better cocktail. This formulation is designed to target the key nutrients necessary to assist in opening up your lungs, target upper respiratory inflammation, and irritation from ailments such as asthma.

Healthy Urinary IV Therapy

Just like our bones need calcium, delicate parts of our body require healthy blood flow, nutrients and oxygen to continue working for us every day. When these nutrients go missing, our body becomes vulnerable to infections and we find ourselves trying to treat these problems all the time.

Fatigue and Pain Release

When your body is constantly aching, you find that even the happiest moments in life are difficult. This is due to either the immobility or lack of flexibility that your body desires or the mental state of constantly being fatigued or in pain. This cocktail is formulated to provide your body with the nutrients and hydration essentials it needs.

Sleep Well

With many over the counter and prescription medicines targeting a system shutdown, you may get a night of sleep, however, your morning can be more difficult with the grogginess or dependency. This blend is formulated to regulate your sleep cycle.


Our booster IV therapies include:

  • B12 super Energy Shot
  • Magnesium Kick Start
  • Get max Hydration
  • Anti-aging Lipomax Dissolve

Contact us for more details and to schedule an appointment for IV therapy.

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Our IV Therapy Spa Will Have You Feeling Better Than Ever

Self-care is more important now than it may ever have been in the past. We recognize the stress we put ourselves through can lead to health issues such as migraines, insomnia, faster aging effects, and more. Our IV therapies are designed to help you counteract all of the stress you put on your body and restore it to a healthy state. In under an hour, you could feel more revived than you have in weeks or even in the last few months. We invite you to schedule an appointment with Beauty and Wellness Med Spa to see what a difference IV therapy could make for you. 

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